How BAD do you want it?

That's the question we all have to ask ourselves at some point.

Are YOU prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful?

Are you sure about that?

Do you want it THIS bad?

...Because if you don't, you'll never get
to where you truly deserve to be!!!

Watch this video and believe me you will love it....

If you are not sure....

Than the answer is NO

So get back with your inner YOU

and think about your life, your past and your future...

Are you happy with where you are right now?

Can you live comfortably?

Do you worry about how to pay your bills?

Or how you are going to send your kids to college?

Do you have time to enjoy your live?

Or to do what you love to do?

Will you be able to retire at a level you truly deserve?

Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself

Only then you will know....

How BAD you want it!!!

Do you need help or inspiration?

I'm here!!!

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To YOUR Success

Rania El Sheikh










Rania El Sheikh


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Thought + Action = Results

The biggest mistake people make is that
they fail to connect thought with pesonal
action that supplement their thoughts

For example just because you think about
Gold doesn't mean that the Gold is going
to mine itself and come right into your pocket.

But by the power of the universe, in
combination with your burning desire,
things will move in the direction of
you receiving your Gold.

People and ideas will be brought into
your life that will bring you the Gold
in return for something they want.

Remember what ever you do, always give
more in use value than you get money in return.

By thought, the thing you want is brought
to you. By Action, you receive it!

It is also important that you act Now

There is no need to wait untill the
time is right!

Don't worry about yesterday and don't
think about tomorrow.

Life and act Now!

You can't change what happened yesterday.
Take it as a lesson learned and make it
better today!

Believe and trust yourself that you can
do it no matter where you are in life today.

Start today by clicking Here

Talk soon,

Your Simple Freedom Rebel

The Power of using Your Will

Using your Will on yourself is important
to the achievement of your goals.

Will is powerful and should be used
wisely on only yourself.

What do I mean by that?

Your mind is your most powerful asset.
So it's crucial to pay attention to
what you think and to what you feed your mind.

You need to keep your mind off the
negative things.

Don't let fear and doubt take over
your mind. Stay positive.

Use your Will to keep your mind on
track of the goals you want to achieve
and off the negative things.

Do this and you will start to see a difference

"What tends to do away with poverty is not
the getting of pictures of poverty into your
mind, but getting pictures of wealth, abundance,
and possibility into the minds of the poor."
by Wallace D. Wattles

Start using your Will by deciding to change
your future and take the action steps needed.

Talk soon,

Your Simple Freedom Rebel



Do you have Dreams?

Of course, everybody has them.
What do you dream about? To become
rich.. to travel.. a new big house...

Everybody does... even the ones that
say they don't...

All of us want to enjoy the time
and money freedom... not having to worry
about how you going to pay your bills
or taking that dream vacation...

The difference between the people
who make their dreams come true
and the ones that don't is...

The ones that make them reality know
exactly what they want while others don't

If you want to turn your dreams into
reality, than you have to follow certain steps!

One of them is to know exactly what you
it is you want.

Be specific and detailed as possible!

For example, if you want to have a new
car than you need to know all the details.

What Model, brand, color, the interior,
all the extras you are going to have in it.

Now that you know the details of your new car
you have to take it a step further and


Form a mental image of your car and feel it

How does it feel to sit in your new car?
How does it feel to drive it?
How does it feel to know it's yours?

Can you feel it?

This feeling of knowing that the new car
is yours, is what will drive you to have it!

It is exactly this feeling that will turn
into a burning desire. That desire will be
in your mind and will cause your mind to
continually seek for the achievment of your desire.

Think of your new car, hold that feeling
of owning it.

Doing this while having the FAITH that you
WILL have it, will make it easier for you
to follow through the actions that are
needed to achieve your dreams.

Hold steadily to your vision, with the
purpose to cause its creation into solid
form, and the faith that you are doing so.

Make your dreams come real by joing us!

Your Simple Freedom Rebel



Every one of us has the same power at their
fingertips... What is that power?

It's our mind...

We wake up in the morning and our mind is
already thinking, we go to bed and we're
thinking... even in our dreams our mind is still

In the words of Mr. Wattles:

Every living thing must continually seek
for the enlargement of its life, because life,
in the act of living, must increase itself.

Everytime we think of something, it becomes
neccessary for us to think another thought.

We can control what we think...

By nature we always want to be more,
do more and have more.

This goes for everything in life so why not
fulfill the desire for more wealth...

It's your destiny to have more but in order
to have more you need to do more...

Let's be real for a sec...

How can you get the things you want in life
if you are not willing to do the work that comes with it?

It's like that saying I heard ages ago about
the man that was praying everyday and asking
God to win the lottery and one day God answered
and said than start playing the lottery...

You see the mere desire for something doesn't
bring your desire into reality... you have to
actually start the motion (thought) which will
get you closer to your desired reality...

so take the action neccessary for you to achieve your goals...

You have the power to control your thoughts...
Will it be easy? For some it might for others it wont

It takes time and dedication but the end result
will be worth it...

But don't go out and say you want to have more
just so you can do bad things...

Desire more so you can be more and do more
and give more... do good things...

I learned from a good friend of mine and my mentor Franco...

What you give away, you'll always get to keep...
so give more and you shall get more...

life is too short to be wasting it...

With everything in life you want to keep a healthy
balance, good balance... the same goes for your
desire for why you want more in life.

Wanting more for the wrong reasons might not
get you where you want to go... Have a good mix...

Everyone wants to have the feeling of being better
but don't let that be your only reason...

There might be things where you are better than
others but there are also things where you are not...

Remember, everyone is great in his own way....

How can you take control of your thoughts?

Start by reading books, listening to audios,
keep your mind open to what you think...
if you catch yourself have a negative thought
stop it and think of something positive...

Are you ready to take control of your life?

Need help or want support?

Then let's lock arms and fight the forces of evil..

I hope you enjoyed this post...

Leave me your Feedback...

To your success,

Your Simple Freedom Rebel

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